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The outcome was a tree made of steel wire, which was wrapped with two lighting charging cables. These charging cables were plugged into a computer which ran a script that played the sounds of trees rustling at all times. When a phone was plugged in, bird calls would be played in addition to the rustling, with more types being layered on over time. The sound we chose of the tree rustling was generic, while the bird calls were carefully chosen. The wire tree was made to look like the symbolic tree of life with a thick trunk and generous, far-reaching branches. The wire we used for this tree was oiled over so appeared black, which intentionally contrasted greatly against the white lightning cables. There were two designated spots on the tree for people to rest their phones as they charged, which were labeled for clarity. The lightning ends of the cable were also around there so that it would be easy to plug in. It was installed between studios A and B in Hunt Library, where people commonly sit to relax when they have down time.

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