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Distribution of work:

Chelsea: make "voting lollipops", perform, documentation

Alice: recorded voices, documentation

Di: create the scripts, perform

Ling: power point, documentation


Our concept was revised many times before completion. We were originally inspired by Jimmy Fallon's Mad Lib Theatre segment, and drafted (as seen in our proposal) a performance in which the audience would choose a location, genre, and object for the plot, and two group members would do a short (namely) "improvised" (but probably still preset) performance based on these choices. After extensive discussion with Kevin, however, we realized that the idea was based too heavily upon the "performance" aspect in a traditional context, and would be extremely difficult for people with no theatre or improvising experience to come up with a skit on the fly (or carry out the preset plot expressively). Moreover, since we will probably only incorporate the media part as backdrop, it doesn't seem to be a must, that is, an indispensable and essential part of the performance ... Therefore, we ultimately rejected that idea after trying to mold it to our needs, realizing that it was not a smart choice. 

As we rejected the previous idea and facing Alice's doomed absence at the presentation, we suddenly realized that we could implement a simpler interactive performance with only one group member using recordings. With the help of recordings, Alice can still participate and contribute to the performance without physically being there, and we would integrate the media (sound) into the show in a meaningful way as well. 

Originally, we intended to use Mentimeter as a voting platform. However, we switched to create our own "voting lollipops" as the voting scheme because we felt that this way audience can potentially see what other's choices are, which may or may not affect their own decisions, and would make the process of voting a more fun activity for the audience.

The "voting lollipops" and a related slide:

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