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Group Reflection

We ran into a technical issue during the presentation, which accidentally turned out to be a good thing as the audience got to choose a different path for the storyline, whereas they probably wouldn't have had the chance due to time limit. However, we learned that we really should have made sure things would go right before the presentation. We changed the power point many times to make it as perfect as possible, but end up not having time to rehearse for the final version of it beforehand. Therefore, if we had another chance to execute the project, we'd meet up more times and be really familiar with the performance before actually performing. 

Also, compared to other groups' projects, ours seemed to be pretty dry and did not get the audience involved very well as the focus of the story was the conversation between Tim and Lisa... If we had more time and learned how to incorporate more advanced technologies (instead of Powerpoint and visualizing the result of votes in person...) , we would have created a more interactive, playful and engaging project.

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