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Critically evaluate the success of your own work. What does your inner critic say about this work? Did you match intent and outcome effectively? (note: use the framing questions to guide your response!)  

I believe that we were successful in our work. I was proud of the fact that our performance was truly interactive. There was no difference between us, who were performers, and the audience, who participated with us. We bridged the gap between audience and performer by allowing the audience to perform the same tasks as us. 

I do, however, believe there is much to be improved upon for this game. For instance, if there is no one to demonstrate or explain how the performance works, will people understand what is happening? This could cause issues when trying to purpose this performance as an interactive piece at the Children's Museum, for instance. 

I want to continue to work on this project, and add many of the things we discussed in the group reflection. In particular, I feel that replacing the ukulele is imperative to iterating on this design, but at the same time it removes some of the interactiveness of the work. 

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