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As far as technical setup goes, we used a large white bed sheet as the “curtain” to project against. We hung it up using two whiteboards for support, creating a rectangle of space where the audience could see both the projected “text” conversation as well as the human shadows behind the sheet. In front of the sheet, we mounted a projector on one of the black stands and used that to mirror the display of one of our laptops, which we used to type messages in our story’s conversation. Behind the screen, we set up a bright work light to cast the silhouettes against the sheet.

For our audience participation, we handed out wooden cards to five of our audience members. Whenever we reached a choice in the story, we let these audience members vote. We’d created many different plot routes for the story depending on how the audience members voted, but the final performance ended up following the (abridged) version of the original story’s plot.

Unfortunately, one of our group members was not in class and the other three members of our group were directly involved in the performance, so we did not get a clear video of our final outcome (this was also an oversight on our part, as we should have just asked another classmate to record video for us). Below is a sketch of the set-up that we had, as well as an image of the text transcript of the outcomes that we performed in class. 

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