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The set-up generally achieved the effect we’d imagined, but not to its fullest extent, as casting the shadow precisely as we wanted it was difficult. We also had issues getting the projector image to match the sheet dimensions, so we could have taken more care in setting up our stage.

The audience participation worked relatively well, but we also could have introduced it more clearly, as there were still a few awkward moments during our choices. This also could be helped by fixing the script to more clearly indicate choices.

Generally, having more manpower and technology available (especially in regards to the phone numbers and text conversations) would have greatly helped our outcome, as it would have better matched our original intention. While having one overall “narrative” conversation revealed the plot explicitly, it would have been more interesting to see Ariel have multiple conversations with different characters, rather than just understanding their implicit effects. For our performance in class, we only had two devices to work with, and only one group member able to control the conversation, so we felt limited in what we could effectively do.

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