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Group Reflection

Media performance is definitely different than what we’ve studied before. For one, putting on an effective performance requires rehearsal in order to work out the kinks. Having a full practice run of complete technology set-up, audience participation, etc. would have given us a better idea of which spots might be awkward or unclear to viewers. In addition, since these performances were so unpredictable, it’s necessary to be prepared for whatever situation comes up from audience votes.

In addition, we could have been more clear about audience participation from the beginning. SInce our performance depended so much on audience members understanding the process, it is incredibly important to clarify any misconceptions before beginning.

In a further iteration of this, given that we could work out the technology and set-up imperfections, it would be cool to involve scenes - either image backdrops or short videos - to add more context to the atmosphere and really create an immersive experience. We could also play around with automating the texts, so that one group member doesn’t need to be typing the conversation as we go. Again, this would be another instance where having a larger group size would be helpful.

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