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(Our proposed project was originally a hand gesture / shadow puppet performance, but we decided to change it to this one, which we feel is more interesting. We were struggling to come up with how to have an element of randomness for the previous performance when we came across a project titled "Blinking" on the course website, which inspired us to think about ...blinking.)

The intentions/goals of this performance are twofold. First is to create a generative art piece using the blinking of the participants (2 performers) to drive random image generation processes. At the same time, the participants will be able to have a sort of conversation/dialogue with each other using only blinks, becoming aware of each others' presence and physical processes.

Instead of using motion detection software, we will have two people sit across from each other and play a game where they detect each others' blinks, pressing a button whenever one person sees the other person blink. This interaction triggers an animation which is projected onto the wall along with the participants' eyes. We will distinguish each person's responses using different colors and sounds for the animation, and characteristics of the blinks (i.e. duration between blinks) will be used to determine the nature of the animation. 

We hope that this will be an interesting experience for both the participants and the audience.

Estimated performance time: 1-2 minutes

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