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We overall really enjoyed working on the project. However, we see a lot of potential for improvement. Certain aspects of our project became impossible due to technical issues that plagued us throughout the projection.

Specifically, we had issues connecting our webcams and adding a recording of our desktop to Millumin.  The former was an issue with the software and the hardware we used for the project, as the IDeATe computer did not allow for the installation of third party software without administrator privilege, yet the cameras IDeATe lending had required third party software already not on the computer.  Therefore, we had to settle with just the FaceTime camera on the Macbook.

The second was that within the program we intended to use for our presentation, there was no explicit option to allow for projecting our desktop along with the feed from the camera.  There was also very limited documentation on the program itself.

These setbacks forced us to change our image layout to a composition that was not as visually integrated as our original plan was. Once we learn how to do those things, we feel like our true vision of our project can be fully realized.  However, the basic version of our vision for the project did come through in the final presentation, as the technical basics of reaction to eyeblinks and the digital reaction with the generation of a sphere worked fairly well.  A level of intimacy between performers could also be achieved with our setup to provide a personal meaning to the piece.  Although both were limited in their impact due to the technical limitations, as a demonstration of a concept, the demo worked well for such a purpose.

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