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      CeeviBot is my personal Curriculum Vitae SMS chatbot, hence named 'C'ee'v'iBot! He runs on the Heroku server, uses Twilio messaging service for SMS based communication and is a Sinatra application coded in Ruby. Anyone with CeeviBot's phone number can interact with him in order to learn about me and my work experience. Recruiters would have a fun time interacting with CeeviBot to get to know the basic information about my profile before meeting me!

      CeeviBot gets input from the user through SMS. He works purely by recognizing keywords and directs the input to the appropriate data source from among the following that he is connected to:

1. Hard-Coded Responses
2. Heroku Database
3. Behance API

      CeeviBot is great at answering direct questions. However, he does not have a memory and cannot answer follow-up questions by keeping track of the context. That is something I will be working on for the next version.

      You can chat with him through SMS at +1-412-312-3351. Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter trying to learn about me through CeeviBot. Please share comments on your chat experience and suggestions for improvement.

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