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We intend to create an installation that's going to express how we feel when we hear our chosen piece of music by simulating an experience of uncertainty based on the famous thought experiment "Schrödinger's Cat." The plan is to have a glass fish bowl half-full of water standing on a stool in a dark room where shadow of goldfish swimming randomly is going to be projected on the floor directly under the fish bowl while the music is playing. The idea is to create a feeling of surrealism where the fish shadow swims around while there is actually no fish in the bowl. A box will be placed outside of the bowl to hide it from direct observation from the audience, so that the audience could only see the shadow of the fish on the ground, and guess "Is there really a fish in the bowl?" Of course, there isn't, and the animated fish video we made wouldn't be that realistic, but the audience may also think this way, "What if there really is a fish?" The thought process before people really step closer to the bowl and seek answers for themselves brings the limit of possibility to a higher level, and this is exactly the message we are trying to deliver: You could believe in anything before you truly experienced it. 

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