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My style was greatly influenced by the goldfish installation in Art Aquarium, Tokyo, the untitled light bulb art created by Myeongbeom Kim, and Fish Harp. The idea of visualizing rhythm by simulating goldfish swimming motion came up when I saw how the fish in Fish Harp plays a vital role in creating randomness in the resulting melody. Why not make it work in the other way around? So I decided to project random goldfish motion while the music is playing. I got the idea of projecting through a half-full glass fish bowl from both the light bulb art and Art Aquarium. The use of glass seems to create isolated spaces for each installation, which from my point of view, represents a unique world. I decided not to put real goldfish in my fish bowl because I want my installation to capture the feeling of something intangible hanging out there; it seems that the music can be forming certain shapes but I'd like them to be more obscure, meaning that I don't want them to be distinguishable directly upon sight. This is why I chose to project the shadow of goldfish without colors or detailed patterns. 

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