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My project will be an interactive software-based recreation of the physical installation project, the wire tree. I want to focus on the idea of “choice” and “goal” in our daily life, and emphasize the significance of collaboration to achieve your goals (an idea which I intended to incorporate in my physical installation project but did not successfully carry it out due to the limited materials and time). In this final project, I intend to present a more comprehensive simulation of the process of “striving for your goal”. I would like to present various situations including regretting a decision, seeking for help to achieve a goal and probably striving for multiple goals at a same time. I intend to encourage people to think over their goals and how they can keep making progress and finally achieving them through this project.

This time I decided to create the fractal tree using software and projectors. When I was doing the art installation project, I realized that using real wires and buttons to create a physical fractal tree takes great amount of work, whereas using software to produce a virtual fractal tree allows easier implementation and a more beautiful outcome.

I am also considering a broader interpretation of the tree. I intend to add videos or at least texts to each node of the tree to describe certain situations people may encounter in their lives. For example, losing one’s family member, getting a promotion and so on.

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