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For this module I would like to rework the ukulele projection mapping project that I worked on in the previous module. Using basically the same rules for the game, rather than using the ukulele for distinguishing colors I would instead like to use the major musical scale (Do-Re-Mi). The scale is something most people are familiar with and if not it is rather easy to learn. With this new format, this game can now be geared towards music education for children in a fun and engaging way. In addition to these new rules, I would also like to clean up the interface of the previous iteration of the game so that it can run smoothly and seamlessly, so that the participants (or performers) can focus on playing the game more rather than trying to figure out how to navigate. Also as this game is more focused on children, I would like to extend the board from just the wall to include the floor as well. A full body interaction will help engage the children more and keep people's attention on the game.

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