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A big inspiration for the critique sections was the documentation I did for this class. I got a lot of practice explaining the themes behind a work in a few sentences, and that really helped to make it seem like a virtual gallery run by a fan of the artist. Some of the readings were also helpful:

Lethem's "The Ecstasy of Influence" addresses the topics of appropriation and plagiarism, which are relevant here. Tim Oren, were he to exist, would strongly agree with the ideas Lethem presents.

Shahn's idea of the inner critic also comes into play. Here, I made my inner critic an outer one, and analyzed the works as though I did not create them. The relationship between Oren and the gallery owner is similar to that of the artist and the inner critic that Shahn describes. Perhaps if the gallery owner had been more critical, Oren would have been compelled to create better works.

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