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For my pop song, I choose to analyze We Are Young by Fun.

From 0:00-0:08 is the introduction. The intro sets the rhythm with the beating of the drum.

From 0:08-0:40 is the first verse.

From 0:40-0:49 is the pre-chorus. Lyrically as well as rhythmically, this sets up the chorus.

0:49-1:30 the chorus returns.

From 1:30-1:51 is the second verse.

2:32-3:14 is the bridge. It is used to offer some variation to the chorus and verses. It is characterized by the layered nananana na na in the background.

3:14-3:55 is the chorus again.

Finally, from 3:55 to the end is the conclusion. The beating background drops out and it's left with only the voice and piano.

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