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Editing: "Perfect Blue" Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon is well known for his unique editing style, built upon the styles seen in early cyberpunk movies.  As outlined in the video by YouTuber Tony Zhou below, what he excels at is editing space and time, giving the viewer a sense of space and time through his editing.

The specific cut that will be the foundation to what I plan to use in this piece is a cut from Perfect Blue, in which a person passing in front of the "camera" works as a wipe, transitioning from one moment in time to another distant one.  The whole of the movie Perfect Blue is also an excellent example as to how Kon edits time in his movies, as scene conclusions are reframed through a cut as the beginning of another at a different time.

I plan to utilize the specific transition by using a person to wipe between scenes in an attempt to apply Kon's style to a short film.  There are two underlying reasons for this choice.

First is that it adds more emphasis on the viewer being the camera, a voyeur onto the life of two people.

The second is that by utilizing the specific transition, I can effectively edit in the experience of time into the piece.  It serves as the best transition for applying both my intended message into the piece, and as such is the style I intend to build my short on.

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