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Curatorial Statement (MinSun):

Schrödinger's Fish

MinSun Park, Sky Ding

Our work developed from analyzing a song called YumeUtsutsu, by YoshiMori Makoto, and we thought the perfect representation of this song would be a fish gently swimming around in an illuminated river while the river is surrounded by darkness.

The title of our project was adapted from the term Schrödinger's Cat, which refers to a paradox where a cat is trapped in a concealed box with a bottle of poison, but one cannot predict when the bottle opens and thus kill the cat. Therefore one can see the cat as simultaneously dead and alive as long as the box is not opened. So in this installation, the reflected shadow of a fish on the screen can be both real and fictitious. You’re invited to peek inside to resolve your doubt! (We know you’re going to figure it out at once without looking, but what’s the fun in that?)

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