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Product / Revision and Updates(Sky):

After desk critiques and peer reviews, we met up a few more times to develop our idea more in depth. And then we finally came up with the revisions shown below in the sketch and the new animation. First, we decided to incorporate the concept of "Schrödinger's Cat" into our project, so we added the box that covers the fishbowl on the sides. Second, we decided to have the fish shadow project on the floor instead of on the wall because we want to hide the projector from the audience's view. Third, we decided that we could use videos of more than one kind of fish, and instead of restricting ourselves to goldfish, we thought that including something "surprising" in the fishbowl might turn out to be an interesting experience. So we added hologram videos of shark, jelly fish, and even a butterfly in the end. As the projection of the video goes on, we wanted to show the audience the decreasing possibility of a real fish presence in the fishbowl, so in the end the butterfly kind of reveals the answer since there could never be a butterfly underwater in the fishbowl. We also didn't forget that we wanted to create this delusional kind of environment where the beauty of the music and the projection could be combined and furthermore, make people wonder what message we are trying to deliver.  

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