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I chose to analyze "Payphone" by Maroon 5 for this section of the composition. The introduction consists of an immediate transition into the chorus. The instruments playing the background do not start playing until he finishes singing the word "payphone" at 0:05. The background music is quiet, and starts off quite slow as he runs through the chorus once. In between the chorus and the first verse, there is a point where the music distorts and is used as a transition at 0:19-0:20. The music does not start again until he finishes the second word of the first verse. At the second run through of the chorus, the music is more intense and louder, with the addition of drum beats in the background. Before the chorus is sung again, the instruments climax and suddenly it is silent again until he starts singing again at 0:55 - 0:56. The music begins to slow down and soften before the rap section of the song at 2:41-2:43. Once the rap is finishing up, the beats and piano in the background start to build up again in preparation for the last run through of the chorus at 3:12 - 3:15. At the conclusion of the song, once the singer is done singing "payphone" the instruments in the background also fade as he finishes singing the word at 3:50.

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