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My initial idea was to get back to my original intent and use Sci-Fi bloopers to create a simple video giving insight into how Sci-Fi has influenced modern sensibilities.  However, I soon realized that blooper clips, although not hard to find, were hard to fit into anything meaningful.  I had realized something similar before, but I wanted to work past that this time, only to find it was a creative dead-end for me.

My second idea centered around UI design, but I was concerned with how to present it to people in a media installation.  I wanted to portray the passage of time and how the old influences the new while leaving a hopeful note for the future.  I considered using an old CRT television and a VCR to play my video, or perhaps include a video with clips from early movies/shows on the CRT and have a high-definition flatscreen play a video with clips from newer movies/shows.  This way people could interact with old technology (rewinding the tape).  However, I soon realized that not only are CRT televisions and VCRs surprisingly difficult to procure, but they focused on the past and muddied the water of my idea, which focused on the future and iterating on UI design.  I felt it also over-complicated my idea and would cause people to question why I used old devices when I wanted the focus to be simpler and more on the video itself rather than the technology being used to show it.

So, my final idea was to create one video to be shown on a loop on one of the TVs in the room and to upload it online where it has more viral potential. 

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