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My inner critic is much happier with this work than my module 2 project because this is much closer to my intent, even if not exactly that.  I used my knowledge about the time commitment needed to find clips and edit video from my past iteration and started early, which resulted in a much better quality work than before.  However, I still consider it an early work for me.  There are a few times between clips where the transitions could have been stronger and tied to the beat of the song more (like the transition into Minority Report, for example).  There are also times when the audio could have been better, but I had trouble with it because I know absolutely nothing about editing audio, so in the future I'll try to learn more about that.  I couldn't always separate the sound effect or the voice I wanted from the music or other sound effects in the clip, and you can hear that in certain places (like the Star Trek clips from the original series).  Not to mention, although I did start early, if I could do this again, I would seek out actual films and movies and tv shows and watched them to find the clips myself rather than just grabbing what I could from YouTube, which doesn't have everything you could possibly want.  I had to compromise in more than one place about what movie/show I could use or what particular clip I could use when I had another in mind.

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