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I created a webpage containing a selection of works from the fictional artist Tim Oren. Each work blends traditional art and advertisements in some way, and is accompanied by a brief analysis by a critic (also fictional). The works are:

"No. 61 (Rust White and Blue)"- a Mark Rothko painting edited with an ad for art prints

"Cola Lisa"- the Mona Lisa's face is torn away, revealing a model drinking a bottle of Coke

"Campbell's Soup Cans"- Andy Warhol's famous print with photographs of real soup cans over top

"Orange, Red, Tan"- a Rothko painting with a Verizon phone ad

"Basket of Apple"- a C├ęzanne still life of a basket of apples, with everything but an Apple logo desaturated

"Last Meal"- The Last Supper set in a McDonald's restaurant, with various fast food items on the table

The works themselves were created with image editing software (Paint.NET) and pictures from online. Two of them were made for my Module 1 project, and the rest I made in a similar style. I coded the website with HTML and CSS.

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