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This project began back in Module 1, where we appropriated other's works in a way that could make us money. I edited Mark Rothko paintings so that it looked like they had holes in them with advertisements showing through. I never really felt passionate about the themes there, and I also thought that there could be a better way to combine the two pieces into one coherent work. Initially for this project I planned to just make more edits in that style, but then I came up with the idea to add the fictional artist who "created" them, and that way I didn't necessarily have to feel as passionate about the corporate themes of the original. Instead it's about the artist, and he's the one who thinks Jesus would eat at McDonald's.

Coding the website was pretty simple. I based it on the style of my personal website, which I had spent a lot of time getting to look nice with the fonts, colors, and layout. After that, I made several edited paintings. It was difficult to come up with ideas for this part, because I wanted them to be easily identifiable as classic works, while also having some obvious change to be more corporate in some way. I made an effort to use different techniques for each one- particularly, the Apple one uses only brightness and saturation to evoke the logo, and I think that is visually one of the strongest works. The paintings are accompanied by small analyses that discuss techniques, themes, and aspects of Oren's life.

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