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Our final product is in the form of performance. We first projected a black-and-white abstract art video (which is a remix of online sources) through three glasses of water. Water acts as lens that refracts the lights, and therefore extends the original projection to a larger scale, which is twice the original scale.

Then the performer added drips of three basic colors, blue, red and yellow to each of the glass, respectively. As is shown in the video, the color drips slowly diffused in the water, and flowed with the dynamic black and white stripes in the video. When red and yellow were dripped into the middle glass of water, they dissolved into each other, and generated a beautiful warm "lava"flow on the screen. In the same way, the mysterious purple (red + blue) was produced. Also, layering of colors were produced when new drips of blue color is added into blue water.

The two videos, one focused on black and white art and another focused on the universe were remixed from online sources (see attribution section) using iMovie and Premiere. So were the sound tracks of the videos. The choice of coloring material was based on the material tests, specified below in the process section.

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