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Water is a simple material we see everyday, and we cannot leave without it. But few of us have considered it as a media that contains and spreads information. We intended to present water as a significant media and explore how water can convey, and even transform the digital media in our final project.

We can view a color as a message, and view the projection of the videos on the screens as a digital environment. By dripping a color into the water, the drip is slowly diffused and spread into the surrounding environment, and it manipulates and transforms the video by adding its own color. The same video can become very different with various colors. When blue is dripped into the water, the dynamic stripes are like flowing rivers or rough oceans; when red and yellow are added into the water, the projection become a volcanic eruption, with lava flowing downwards along the contour.

Also, if different colors are dripped into the water, they can add new information to the video. They either go well with each other as the water flows and create a new color message (for example, red and yellow produced orange flows on the originally black-and-white video), or they can go against each other (like red and green).

The process of diffusion resembles how messages are spread in our digital world and how new information alters the environment, though information spreads much faster in the real world.

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