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We were satisfied with how great progress our rework project made from the original one. Our final project, "Ultimate Bending" was built on the material installation "Liquid Lightbending" from Module 3. We refined and add more elements to the "Liquid Lightbending." For instance, instead of producing a new version of installation, we made a combination of material installation and performance. Last time we also took advantage of  the texture of the glassware. This time we ruled out potential interference of containers and truly let water do the work. 

From the process of refinement, we realized that we could learn new approaches to present digital media using the same material, water, from the old work. When we looked back at our original project from module 3, and compared it with our polished final project, we found that the recreation made it more expressive and inspiring. We went deeper into the idea of treating water as not only a material but also a media, and remixed it with digital media by presenting their similarities (the colors resemble the information).

However, we realized that our project still need to be improved and refined. During research we've explored different forms of water and more possibilities we can create by manipulating water under different forms, such as using ice and vapor. But because of limitations in transportation and preservation of material, we can't implement these ideas at this time, but it would we interesting to try it out in the future.

Also, we can make the performance more audience-friendly. During the showcase, audience were sometimes afraid to move the glasses of water around to experiment with the colors since these glasses were too heavy and filled with water, and thus might damage the projector. One way to reduce the risk is to give the glasses lids, and we can also add a layer of glass between the projector and the glasses of water to protect the projector. This is a very practical issue that we should have considered.

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