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Linkin Park - The Catalyst

0-19s Introduction: its type of gesture is Crescendi. in 0-4s, it is only wind sound, then in 4-15, it adds a melody, 15-19, it adds beats. It is very obvious the volume is increasing. It serves as a good introduction to the singer's voice, and make listener more engaging.

19-33s  1st Verse: This section of music is repeated with different lyrics many times throughout the song. It contains the intense emotion of the whole song.

1:02-1:19 Chorus: After several repeated verse, chorus occurs, It is the part with the strongest emotion and conveys the main message of the song.

1:19-1:33 Solo: This part is the instrument solo(also: 1:17-1:30)

3:22-3:29: Verse: This is another verse that is repeated many times, with increasingly stronger emotion.

4:21-4:35 Conslusion: It is 1st verse which is repeated many times in this song. It ends with decreasing volume and emotion of the singer.

There are a lot of repetitive parts in this song.

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