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Klee’s painting Cooling in the Garden of the Torrid Zone, which was influenced by Bach’s Fugue in E minor, is "the very example of a painting which shows the rhythmic, musical structure of elements divided by horizontal lines similar to staves in a musical score with signs and characters simulating the notes of a musical bar. Just as in the fugal structure, there is a balance between regular elements and irregularities, creating tension and, in turn, repetitive structures perceived as rhythmic, which are clearly musical." The book Paul Klee -The Nature of Creation says of Klee’s use of rhythm: “Repetitive divisions alone do not constitute a rhythm, and the regular repetition of an individual mark simply renders it indistinguishable … in order to perceive something as rhythmic, a balance has to be set up between a regular element and irregularities …. only through this tension can a repetitive structure be perceived as rhythmic.”

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