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Collaboration: Describe the process of collaboration. Note what contributions were made by each person. How did the collaboration work? What roles did each of the team members have?

Because it was difficult to reserve the room and coordinate our busy schedules, collaboration regarding ideas and concepts mostly occurred over text. We saved in-person collaboration for dry-runs, craft-store trips, and the physical creation of the project. It's difficult to pinpoint where exactly our ideas came from, since much of it came from bouncing ideas off one another. We divided purchasing the materials amongst ourselves. Sohail handled the projection mapping and the interactive aspect, learning how to use Millumen and Milluplug. Yiyang and Toya took care of the more physical aspects of the project, such as how to set up the t-shirts and darkening the room. Yiyang was also often the one who borrowed and looked after the equipment. Toya also dealt with the overall design of the installation though some of her designs had to be scrapped due to unforeseen difficulties w

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