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Our project seems to hit all of the goals we set out, yet it seems to lack something that our first project had. I personally think that small design changes we made actually negatively affected the final product. There are two changes, in particular, that prevented our product from reaching its fullest potential. The first was the switch from 9 tshirts to 6. With less tshirts, the message feels less powerful. The second was the switch from string to wire to hold up our project. While this made our project much more stable, I personally find the wire to detract from the experience our project offered. In contrast, the strings used in our first project gave our project more shape and form. Also, the wires are thin and unnoticeable, making our project seem a lot emptier than our previous iteration.

On the other hand, I'm really impressed with the projection mapping effect. I personally think it's really cool! The fact that you can do all this with just a projector just seems really impressive, in my opinion. So, I really like the addition of projection mapping to our project, because it gives the project an interesting amount of depth.

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