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This project was a really good experience on improving on a previous work. A lot of times I find myself leaving things as they are and moving on to the next task without really think about how I can improve what I have already done so I really appreciated this project for that. I really enjoyed making this project because it had a fairly clear objective which made for very interesting and most of the time directed work with a purpose. Of course there are still things that I would like to improve on but most of it is aesthetics such as adding animations for disappearing circles. Also since the game is so simple there is potential to add different game modes such as last man standing where you have limited lives that go down when you lose a round or survival where you have 1 life and you have to see how many rounds you can beat in a row. So there is a lot of room for additions. I would also like to incorporate a Kinect into the game as well to make it a more fully interactive experience rather than having to go back and forth from laptop to grid. In comparison to the original iteration and my goals for this one, I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

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