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The link of the presentation of the project is attached below:

Our final version of the project is a choose-your-own-adventure style game implemented with Google slides, 

Majority of the slides include a comic picture with a line of explanation of the scene at the bottom to guide the players. Many pictures are duplicated with the conversation bubbles changed to the appropriate lines. At each of the 4 transition points, where the players have to make a decision giving the situation the main character, Donald Duck, is in, there is a collage of the past few pictures since the last branching point to summarize the progression of the story from then. The players are given some options as to how Donald should handle a current situation and prompted to make a deliberate decision with the collage on the side to remind them of some important factors that go into this decision making process for Donald. 

We generated 12 possible paths, where 1 leads to a best ending: Donald manages to finish academic tasks, stay connected with his girlfriend, Daisy, and maintain physically well; 3 to good endings: Donald gets the bulk of his life together, but still leaves trivial tasks or problems unresolved; 3 to normal endings: compromises were made; 3 to bad endings: Donald messes up academics and social life; and now worst ending: Donald makes very serious mistakes that result in serious consequences. 

Generally, players weren't able to get to the best ending on their first try, which reflects how hard it is to balances out work, well-being, and social life in a real-life. 

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