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As Prof. Byrne mentions while providing feedback for our project, maybe we overdid the slides to include both the comic pictures and a sentence of explanation of it at the bottom. I think prof. Byrne has a good point in that comics exist by themselves and the sentence is redundant in that it distracts the audience from the comic picture, which is the meat of our project. 

As far as the content goes, what we find is that audience who really tried to reach the best ending often overanalyze the decisions to make, and this is definitely partially our fault for not making the tradeoffs in each choice clearer. When it's the first time to choose what Donald should do when he has 3 assignments and Daisy invites him to the party, both "going to the party" and "go home and study" could lead to the best ending, and it's the decisions that follows that Donald has to make very carefully. I feel like we could give people more hints to remind them of what're at stake each time audience are asked to make a decision. 

As for the implementation of the project, I believe we could do better with Unity, because this is the first tool prof. Corbett suggested that we use. Since neither of us has ever used Unity before, we're actually unsure how awesome it is and if it's worth it to devote a considerable amount of time into learning Unity. Although I do think being able to have the comics move along horizontally like a strip does is a better representation of our project.

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