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My intent in making this project was to explore VR as an artistic medium.  What, exactly, does VR offer as opposed to traditional (2D) media?  The way I see it, VR has three major advantages over traditional games/digital media.  Firstly, VR is of course more immersive and makes the user feel like they are inside the virtual space.  Secondly, the stereoscopic 3D that VR headsets offer adds a sense of scale and depth that is impossible on a 2D display.  Lastly, in VR I can add virtual spaces that move in a way that is impossible in reality.  The works of Bridget Riley are very compatible with these traits: in her paintings, Riley implies depth and movement through striking geometric forms.  It should come as no surprise, then, that VR is an essential part of the experience.  Without it, the pieces are significantly less striking.

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