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The experience is powered by the Unity game engine, and all art assets (including most of the pieces themselves as well as the environment art) were made in Blender (a 3D modeling suite).  Additionally, some of the pieces (Fall and Cataract 3) are completely generated in code.  I have outlined my specific process in creating some of these pieces in my briefs for Fall, Remixed and Animating Paintings (two previous iterations of this project).  Since the previous version of the museum (Animating Paintings) I have added three pieces to the museum.  I also redesigned the general layout of the museum and added VR support.  I used the SteamVR API for HTC Vive integration.  For locomotion (including the teleportation mechanic) I used my own open source HTC Vive Teleportation System for Unity that I developed last spring for another project.  Below are some pictures of some of the assets I created for this project.

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