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 For my pop song, I decided to go back to 2008 and choose Dead and Gone by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake.

0:00 - 0:13 Intro: Some soft piano and talking

0:14 - 0:42 Refrain: Drums and a ton of instrumentation comes in as the refrain is sung twice.

0:42- 1:39 Verse 1: The piano comes back, but with it comes some bass and drums. About halfway through, another instrument is added that leads into the chorus again.

1:40 - 2:07 Refrain: Same as the first refrain.

2:08 - 3:04 Verse 2: Just like verse one, it starts with bass, piano, and drums, and the other instrument is added halfway through. This time, some strings are added as well. Lastly, all the instrumentation goes away for a second before...

3:05 - 3:33 Refrain: Same as first and second refrain.

3:34 - 4:01 Bridge: Completely different instrumentation here, including a guitar I think. It repeats, and the instrumentation builds until the final...

4:02 - 4:30 Refrain: Again, same refrain.

4:31 - 5:00 Conclusion: A nice, soothing string melody before abruptly stopping.

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