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  •  Components used: Photon board, jumper wires, waterproof temperature sensors, 3 buttons, 3 different LED lights, resistors.

  • Assembling Circuits:

Build basic circuits based on Online Tutorial (

1 Wiring Circuit based on temperature Sensor Tutorial.JPG

Build basic circuits based on Online Tutorial (

2 Trying one LED.JPG

Trying one LED light.

3 Wiring.JPG


4 Three LED wired and Jesse helped me organize my breadboard.JPG

Fixing mistakes and Organizing the board with Jesse‚Äôs help. 

 5 Soldering jumper wire to temperature sensor.JPG

Soldering jumper wires onto the temperature sensor. 

6 Wiring WaterProof Temperature Sensor .JPG

Waterproof temperature sensor

6 wiring waterproof temperature sensor.JPG

Wiring temperature sensor onto board.

  • Coding process:

I downloaded library codes and tested the temperature sensor based on the online tutorial. (

First I planned my pseudocode with the help of Professor Brockmeyer.


Based on the plan, I transferred the algorithm into actual codes. I did not change the library codes for reading temperature.


7 LED 1 For White & Green Tea Alert.JPG

Testing LED 1: White/Green Tea

LED 2 for Olong TEa.JPG

Testing LED 2: Olong Tea

9 LED 3 Black/herbal Tea Alert.JPG

Testing LED 3: Black/Herbal Tea

Testing button use as variable state.png

Testing buttons(as variable state 1,2,3)

Check the accuracy of Sensor .png

Testing the accuracy of the temperature Sensor.

Use Cloud function to fake temperatureF for testing purpose.png

Using setTemp to simulate a real temperature of boiled water.

After setTemp(180).png

After setTemp(180), temperatureF is changed to 180. The corresponding LED is lit.

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