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Open Questions and Challenges:  
The main challenges of the project are about how it will be able to accomplish the tasks that it is given, replaying memory and how it will be stored in the prototype. What shape would be the best ergonomically and would it be able to receive and store data. It was also important to consider what the user would feel comfortable holding and would want to carry with them. 

Some open-questions:
Will we become co-dependent on such a device and use it as a substitute for experiencing real memories? How can we make sure that the device helps us and does not overwhelm us?
Will this shape how we preserve memories in the future, instead of letting them disappear or become blurry we will want a database that replays or shows our most treasured memories?
How probable is it that individual's memories will be augmented or triggered by sensory information like sound, visuals, and touch? Individuals remember the smell of roses for only a certain amount of time, but as time passes we forget that smell, the same goes for remembering the feeling of touching something, our memories blur or fade. The one memory we tend to recall is sound, which is why a lot of individuals will remember a song for probably their entire life. 
It is important to think about how we will remember our memories in the future. In the past individuals associated pictures and items with memories and now we do the same but we depend more heavily on digital documentation and social profiles which digitally represent us online. 

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