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Making this project was refreshing because not only did it allow me to visualize abstract ideas and brainstorm solutions, but it also made me think about how I remember memories. One thing I realized is that each project that I have done reflects certain feelings and thoughts, and when I revisit the project in the future, I wonder how my feelings will change. 
I learned a lot about the brain and how encoding memory and recalling memory works, it was powerful to see how the brain actually worked. Learning that every time when we revisit a memory, it is altered slightly was semi-shocking because we think that memories stay the same when in fact, they change like we do as we age. It made me wonder how many of my memories, that I had reflected on, had changed and how some parts of the memory were stronger than the other, changing my perception of the memory, and how age also greatly affects your perception.
I would start out working with electronics far earlier, to see what is actually plausible, and then focus on creating forms and structure. I would look to plan my process better and have a working/interactive prototype that I could test on people. I would have liked to take my project further to the point of an interactive prototype but I think that would require more resources and time. 
In the future, I would want to build and test multiple functioning prototypes and figure out which ones would work the best for users. I would want to involve users in the actual process and have them help evaluate my idea, and then see how they would react to different iterations, in terms of not only form and ergonomics but also technologies. I would want to also see how individuals with different memories and experiences would feel about the item.  

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