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The Trump shades are meant to be worn during times of political intensity. They look for aggressive, upfront tweets from @realDonaldTrump and respond by flipping down the exclamation mark shades to showcase to the user Trump’s obtrusive tweet and narrow-minded view. While analyzing Donald Trump’s tweets we realized that he has a very set punctuation and style about his tweets. For Example

“The Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly (306), so they made up a story - RUSSIA. Fake news!”

We therefore decided to get data from these aggressive sounding tweets and display this information to the user in the form of sunglasses. We decided on checking if the tweet displayed a ‘!’ as this symbol evokes strong feelings and a certain loudness. The glasses were chosen as a symbol to represent this as when they drop down they are in your face and impertinent, narrowing your view (just like Trump).

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