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Our project began with the idea of analyzing Trump's punctuation in his tweets. This was a hot topic in terms of Trump's one-word endings usually expressed with an exclamation mark to wrap up the tweet (e.g. Lies!, Fake News!) The part that was more difficult was when it came to deciding on a way to represent this information in an ambient style. We decided on the use of motors as it was a component we felt confident in implementing for this project. The sketches below show our thinking of what kind of ambient device we could do to represent this information from Donald Trump. 

We wanted to do a wearable from the start but found out early on that the hardware would be very tricky to implement. Therefore, we went about ways of creating something that the user could experience on themselves that wasn't necessarily an arm bracelet or item of clothing. By thinking of what words an exclamation mark conveyed we could come up with a device that evoked the same feelings. This eventually lead us to sunglasses that were loud, aggressive and in your face. 

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