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We achieved our original goal of creating an ambient display that connects us with our families, friends, and celebrities on twitter. The bracelet will continuously show whether those people we follow are being negative or positive by text-processing their twitter messages. 

When we interacted with our bracelet, it feels like a normal bracelet except we need to power it constantly. Since the led lights kept turning on and off, it was somewhat bothering. However, every time the bracelet told me that people collectively are being negative, it motivated me to see what was going on, especially with my friends and families, and to tweet something that is positive. 

In terms of drawbacks, the bracelet is not small enough to be integrated into the background. We are thinking of expanding the LED display, such as simmering, flashing, turning on every half a hour, to make the bracelet a more friendly wearable display.  We also thought about giving the bracelet different colored lights so it has more indication and is more visually satisfying.

Lastly, the wooden station built to fixate the bracelet was intended for people to take off this bracelet at home or at work. The station could be put on the desk, fridge, wall and so on. When it is fixated into the station, it serves as an aesthetic piece that reminds people about what is going on in the world regarding the people they care on twitter.  

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