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Monisha: I had never worked with an API before or written a node.js applet. So tackling both of those was a challenge and took up most of my time in this project. If I had more time, I would research more sentiment analysis APIs and I would write a better string-parsing program to handle Tweets with links, foreign languages, etc. In terms of designing an ambient device, the most interesting thing was picking a notification system for the bracelet. If a user associates the bracelet with Twitter, then would a notification from the bracelet compel them to use their phone? Because (and it would take a lot of research to confirm) in that case, the bracelet (with or without notifications) is itself more a distraction than not. Then a better solution would be to create a pop-up screen that gives the same information to users before they log onto Twitter. That way, users aren't compelled to use their phone more than they normally would. 

Lizzy: I made the bracelet by wood that I had more experience with. I was trying to make a acrylic box to carry the photon and the batteries; however, due to lack-of-experience and time limit, I could not finish the box before the documentation deadline of this project. In order to make this bracelet prettier, I think I need to learn how to laser-cut and how to connect more led lights in a small area.

The design process and making process of the bracelet was really interesting  I wanted to make this bracelet pretty, light, and interesting(with a lot of colors). However, in reality, there are so many things to tackle such as the connecting a lot of led lights or the material of the bracelet. When it came to making the station, ideally I would make a metal station that is minimal and attach a magnet to it so it can be fixated to different places. Therefore, I need to acquire more skills as a maker to actualize my original design. 

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