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Open Questions and Challenges

1) What span of time should the user be given to be able to forget or recover from a certain memory? What are the steps and actions we need to take to make this experience intimate and powerful? What would the steps and actions they take look like? How would they vary?

2) What other ways can make the experience of deleting "cathartic"? Having a shared vault with another individual, to be able to show how a user feels? (Music, sound, visual animation?) How do you know users will react the same way to one image?

3) How often should the user get prompted to review past images or posts? How do we know which posts or images to chose, or should it be randomly assigned? By choosing a lesser known, or old image does it impact the user more strongly or less?

4) Should the memories in each vault be deleted/tampered/abstracted after a certain time? (Perhaps different duration for different emotions?)

Ex: Visual Speculations/ Potential Animations 

  • One of the most important parts of this project was to figure out how to create a visualization that would trigger a user's emotion in a digital ecosystem. How could you make a user feel control or gauge their attachment to digital memories?
- Balloons: Having the ability to have them float away. Letting users "pop" certain balloons. Maybe letting user gather certain balloons? Having different altitudes for balloons and different forms, being deflated/wrinkled/having a hole.

- Fire: Can you kindle the fire, making it stronger more furious?  Changing the characteristics of the fire depending on the memory, and emotions around it. Some fires might have explosions in them for a certain impact. How long the fire burns, epitomizes how long it takes for you to let go of the memory. When does the fire extinguish/ or does it constantly burn?

- Lake: The depth of the lake. The color of the water; if it is murky or clear? How would the user manipulate items in the lake or on the lake's surface if they existed? Should the user be able to add or define what type of items they want to see in their lake? What items may you add to the lake that may replace or strengthen the user's memory? 

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