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IamSorry is a set of two short cylinders. Each cylinder is made of two detachable parts - the top half and the bottom. The dividing line slices the cylinder at an angle to the horizontal plane such that the top part can slide off the bottom and come to rest on the same base while covering the bottom half partially.

Let's suppose that the husband forgets to take the trash out in the morning as he rushes to work. When he realizes his mistake while at work and knowing that his wife will be upset yet again, he says sorry by partially moving the top half off the bottom. Thus deforming his device - signifying a 'break in intimacy'. While he 'breaks' his device, it triggers the twin device at his wife's workplace, to 'break' in the same way - asking the wife to heal the 'break'. Then he waits for forgiveness. When she gets over her distress, she heals the break by restoring the device - by placing the top back in place. This in turn triggers the twin device to roll back up into place, symbolizing that all is forgiven and that intimacy is whole again.


The project was enjoyable - we did not hesitate to apply our concept (saying sorry) while we worked - that was fun. But the project was also intense; the project time frame was cut short because we discarded a previous idea that had eaten half of our time.

We learnt about publishing and subscription as a method of connecting the two devices even though we initially thought of using IFTTT. We gained more expertise in wiring the photon and the logic of the software that operates it. One of our group was more knowledgeable in this field and that helped tremendously. Even then, we spent hours agonizing over the logic - and if we had another week, we would have agonized some more to perfect the operation. 3-d printing was another lesson.

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