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  • We created a chrome extension that works to delete selected Facebook content using QuickBlox. Then, we designed the user interface for the data visualization and linked screenshots of it into the chrome extension, to be able to mimic these experience and see what needed to be improved. We wanted to create the simplest design, so that is would be easier to understand, and easy to improve.
  • We then created a fake Facebook user, Evelyn, who would be the protagonist in our user video, and the user who would use Vault in a given social/ day-to-day context. This fake user would also show how our application can help the user let go of a moment or memory over whatever time- frame they need. 

As of now, with Vault, you can: 

[1] Connect to Facebook (with Fake Facebook Profile)

[2] Click to delete desired content or memory

[3] Link to 3 of  the graveyards visualization.

[4] Reflect on your experience and consider if Vault is something you would want to use. Please leave feedback if you use our prototype just below!

Our Prototype from Prottapp:

(The actual working extension can be seen in the video above.)

Software Utilized during the project duration:

  • Prottapp: Simulation of chrome extension interface/ General UI
  • QuickBlox: Database
  • Chrome extension: the form our prototype would take
  • Adobe Illustrator (icons)
  • Facebook API
  • Swift: Make API Calls
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (video)

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