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A platform where reveal your past experiences has loads of different outputs. We tackled the “therapeutic” approach as a helper to rehabilitation and re-insertion to society. Stepping back, I think there is a lot to say in the way we communicate and how technology can tweak this. As well as instantaneous translators devices are appearing and they can change the communication in the future, re-thinking how we share past events is crucial. Being empathetic is not even close to “being under other’s skin”. There is so much that is missing through the path of communication.

We can stretch this project out from the jail scenario to any valid bad experience that you want to share with others. If we can recreate past experiences through virtual reality and share it with others, it would entail to dispose of an instantaneous feedback from the other person that is inserted in your memory. So you would re-experience this memory, totally unaware about the actual context, so you would literally travel back in time, but with a constant “voice-off” coming from your relative, making you calm down or giving you advices on how to cope with that situation. Not in a sense that we can change the past, but in a sense that psychologically it would help to cope with the suffering in re-experiencing that memory if it was the case.

If we scale it out to a social level, it would be useful as well to understand different cultures, different behaviors, in two directions, for the part re-experiencing it and for the part that is seeing it for first time. 

Perceptions are uncontrolled points of view that cannot be precisely explained nor depicted. They just live in the ethereal world and is subjective and difficultly shareable. Technology will work on this area, and we are starting to understand it through virtual reality software.

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