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Choosing a Site:

Target Audience: 

Anyone walking in the area, Pittsburghers, tourists heading to the PPG Paints Arena


Located along the main local roads: Bedford Avenue & Crawford Street, the site is easily accessible via bus, walking & cars.


We looked at the spaces around and surrounding the Civic area, like existing car parking lots and sidewalk areas which could be the site for our area. We also looked into areas where the city had plans for urban development & rejuvenation and possibly creating new housing projects. We wanted to create a memorial in a public, outdoor place, because of the accessibility and location of the space. We ultimately settled on the parking lot next to the Civic Arena plot of land, although we had looked into other green spaces around the neighborhood, such as Freedom Corner, Albert Turk Graham Park, Crawford Parklet and Crosstown Park (Bigelow Blvd) when we visited the site.


We looked into potential installations that would not take too much work to drill holes into the asphalt/concrete and embedded lights into it. We realized that having more alternatives would be better, because when we present this project to the community there should be the ability to fit it to the needs and wants of the community, and have an installation that is meaningful and fits the resources and skills of the community.

One idea:

 One idea was putting up lamp posts in the car park lot and along the sidewalk and then mounting projectors and speakers on building around the site (for projecting imagery) while hanging lights from posts that already existed in the lot. This way the installation would not interfere with the parking lot as much as a 2-D embedded light carpet in the concrete would and it might be easier to control. 

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