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Our Concept: 

The main focus of our concept was to recreate the unique cultural identity and experiences the businesses gave the Lower Hill and its residents. 

Main Aspects of our Concept:

  • A video projection that gets activated when people step on a given tile that is placed into/embedded in the sidewalk in the Hill District area.
    • (This video projection would differ depending on the location it would represent) Eg.  Crawford Grill, Darling's Pharmacy in the Hill, Rhumba Theater, Ruth’s Grocery, Crystal Barber Shop, Corner Tavern, Musician’s Club         
    • To tie all the different “tiles” together, we proposed to have an artistic image representing the heart of the Lower Hill painted on the concrete.
    • Along with this artistic image, there would be a light trail leading away from it, guiding users to the tiles and back to the heart. Then, when a user steps down on the tile, the 60-seconds projection is activated, and the lights that guided the user to the light go out, to draw full attention to the projection that gets shown on one of the adjacent walls to the parking lot.
  • We also wanted to create an online interactive component to tie the tangible and the digital together
  • The online platform would allow people to leave comments on how they feel, and also provides links to resources discussing redevelopment plans. The online resource would also showcase future development plans from city planners and potentially give members of the community a voice, and let them leave their voice/opinion on the developments. Another possibility this online platform could do is foster an avenue for discussion between developers and the city and Hill District residents
We want every aspect and step of this project to involve the community, in order to do this we want the:
  • Design to be community driven and installed with help of community, Lights (color variation), placement (spacing and reasoning), maintenance (how often, technical need), cost (implementation, maintenance)
  • Videos curated and managed by community organization
  • To celebrate newer, existing community assets in the Hill

Even if the lot is redeveloped, the sidewalk tiles would not have to be removed, although the artwork in the middle may be. However, remnants of its existence would remain on the digital platform, to preserve the entire effort and mission of the project.

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